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Meticulous excavation.


Proper planning of excavation is critical to doing the job the right way. We will ensure that all utility lines and pipes are documented and cared for prior to any excavation work so the project goes off without a hitch. Attention to detail in any excavation project will be sure to exceed your expectations.

Almost every construction project starts with excavation, grading, and turning over heavy mounds of dirt. Our experienced team will be able to provide excellent excavation services so you can start any project the right way.

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Customized drainage systems.


Drainage problems don't go unnoticed. Once you have seen standing water in your yard, you know you may have a drainage issue.

We will customize a drain to fit your needs, taking into account the slope of your yard, your home, and other factors to avoid flooding around the home.

Soil erosion and mold can result from extra water in your home or yard. We can install a reliable drainage system that fits your landscape and is best for your home or business.

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Keep your foundations strong.


Weather eventually takes its toll on many homes and businesses, and the foundation suffers damages requiring repair. Foundation repair can be completed by using different methods. Some repairs are too complicated for the average homeowner and should be left to professionals.

Let us come by and asses your foundation. We will give you a free quote with the solution to your foundation repair needs! Send us your information or give us a call and we will respond right away!

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Excavation and Drainage Experts

At Martirano and Sons, we specialize in premier residential and commercial drainage, masonry, and excavation done right every time. We also excel with our superb masonry, foundation, hardscaping, cleanup, excavation, and drainage services.


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